20 Positive Affirmations To Help You Move On After a Breakup

Since you’ve landed here, first I want to say I’m sorry to hear about your breakup.

Breakups suck.  No denying that.  But once you get through them, you’ll be so thankful things didn’t work out the way you originally wanted (don’t roll your eyes at me just yet!)

Below are some of my favorite positive affirmations to practice so you can begin your journey of MooingOn.

Not sure what a positive affirmation is?  Well, they are positive and inspirational words you say to yourself to help guide you in the right direction.

I know I found it difficult to think of anything other than my ended relationship for quite some time, so you may find yourself experiencing the same.  Practice, practice, practice, my friend!  You’ve got this!  And get some ice cream as a motivator while you’re at it.

I’d recommend saying these out loud every morning when you wake up, and every night before bed.  You can also choose to write these in your journal each day.


Daily Positive Affirmations

  1. My heart will heal.
  2. I am stronger than I know.
  3. I deserve endless love and happiness.
  4. I forgive myself and my ex.
  5. I have control over my life.
  6. This happened for a reason.
  7. I am capable of feeling love again.
  8. I am beautiful inside and out.
  9. I know that no matter what, I am ok.
  10. I am grateful for everything I learned in my last relationship.
  11. I am thankful for a new day.
  12. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  13. I love and accept myself.
  14. I am at peace with my present and past.
  15. Peace begins within me.
  16. I am enough. I am worthy.
  17. I appreciate all I have.
  18. This break up is the beginning of a positive new direction in my life.
  19. Even though I miss certain things about my ex, I am happier and healthier without it.
  20. I will love again.
Comment below your favorite!

I hope this helps you on your journey.


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