Breakup And Divorce Care Packages & Gifts For Her That Help Express Gratitude

Is your bestie struggling with a recent breakup or divorce?  Are they having a hard time seeing how freaking awesome they are?  Well, we are here to assist. 

Help your friend see how lovely the world is, and teach them by the gift of a journal to appreciate all the things they have in their life by expressing gratitude.

We have some of the cutest exercises that will guide them on expressing gratitude on a daily basis.

1.  Day Journal / Diary

I absolutely love this journal not only because it is made with 100% eco-friendly paper but because of how organized it forces me to be with my thoughts.

There is an easy checkmark at the top as a reminder for some essential tasks to perform each day:  Meditate,  Movement,  Hydrate, Self Care.

Each day, you start with 3 things you are grateful for.  You can then enter in what you dreamed about, or leave this for what you dream of.

At the end of each day, you have plenty of room for the chance to reflect on how your day went and what's in store for tomorrow.

It's a perfect breakup gift for her; to help her get back on track and even measure her breakup progress.

This cutie is $26.99.  Check it out by Clicking here.


2.  We have a similar journal to the one above called "The Wellness & Ritual Journal."

Again, this journal is made with 100% eco-friendly paper (heck yes!).

I like this one a lot because of it's ambiguity.

Start off the day with what kind of mood you are in.

Then move into what you are planning for the day: What are your Wellness Intentions for the day?  What Mindful Rituals are you planning for the day?

I personally use the Wellness Intentions column for health and wellness.  For example, "today I am going to eat 2 healthy meals and 1 cheat meal.  I am going to do yoga for 30 minutes and lift weights for 15 minutes" (psht this never happens though).  When going through a breakup, this column may seem overwhelming at first.  Use it for small wins such as, "take your vitamin today", "go outside for at least 5 minutes for some fresh air."

For the Mindful Rituals, I use this area for meditation and journaling.  Hey, using this journal is a form of meditation and self care.  So, did I open this journal today and use it? Check!  Then I track how long I meditated and what I did (I personally use Headspace).

Then, there is a bunch of blank space for Free Thoughts.  Sometimes, I use this space as a To-Do list for the day, and then at the end of the day, I check off what was completed and discuss my day.

This journal sells for $28.99.  All you have to do is Click here.

Both of the journals listed above are awesome because they support a woman owned business, and she partners with a non-profit organization that plants 1 tree for every order! 

3.  The Gratitude Journal Rings

If your bestie has never used a daily journal, this is the most simple to adopt.

This "journal" is really a bunch of cards to write what you are grateful for each day. 

Simple, to the point, and does the job! 

I love these because they for one are SO unique (I mean have you ever seen something like these?) and they are great for safekeeping. 

So, if you want to look back on what you wrote weeks or months ago, it can reveal some great memories.  It also can be a great way to look back on how far you've come from your heartache.

Purchase these cute Gratitude Rings for just $24.99!  Just Click here.

We have a bunch of other unique products to add to a breakup care package  (we actually build it for you - think Build-A-Bear but it's Build-A-Breakup Box!) so make sure you check us out :) 

Each one of our gift boxes include the option to write a handwritten note...

Even more, we include an inspirational scratch off card for FREE with every order. 

Here's a coupon code for $5 off your first order: HELLO5

Inspirational scratch off card



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