DIY Breakup Gift or Breakup Care Package For Your Bestie

[Updated 1/18/22]

Breakup And Divorce Gift For Her

^Build your own breakup care package for your bestie!  Items starting as low as $5.50

Are you searching for a budget friendly and meaningful gift for your heartbroken friend?

Look no further!  Below, I provide ideas on how to make your own DIY breakup gift care package as well as some other budget friendly options.

So, you've probably searched all throughout the internet looking for that "perfect" gift for your bestie.  You don't want it to be silly nor too cheesy.  You want the gift to be useful.

I mean, how many times have you received a gift that was "nice" but realistically, you're never going to use those items?  Yep one too many!

Check out my budget friendly ideas on how to make a DIY breakup or divorce gift care package. 


Gift Budget Of $0-$10

breakup care package
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You can pick and choose between the below items and place them in a cute gift box or bag!

- Start with a handwritten note to your bestie.  How have they made a positive impact in your life?  What are some of your favorite moments together?

- Gather up some colorful construction paper or post it notes and write motivational and inspirational messages on them!  Here's a few examples: "You're beautiful", "You're brave", "You got this", "You make a mean chocolate cake".

- Speaking of chocolate cake... bake them their favorite dessert with the ingredients you already have in your house!  OR, be lazy and get a $2 box of the premade cake mix from the store.

- Collect their favorite pieces of candy or snacks

- Invite them over for a night of games, movies and yummy food cooked by you!

- Throw a breakup party or divorcee party!

Breakup inspirational card
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Gift Budget of $10+

Feel free to combine any of the above suggestions with any of the ideas below!  We actually encourage you to do that.

- Treat your bestie to an afternoon at the spa.  You can either provide them a spa gift basket filled with bath bombs, a face mask, slippers etc. or a gift card to their favorite nearby spa.

- I'm sure they would appreciate a gratitude journal to help guide them on their journey of MooingOn.  I mean, who doesn't love talking $hit on paper?

Gratitude Journal
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- A gift card to a meditation app.  I personally love Headspace! You can choose to gift between a month or a year of free meditation.

At the end of the day, remember to be there for your friend.  No judgment, no ridiculing.

PS Don't forget that this is our specialty here at MooingOn.  We created this small business to support men and women going through a breakup or divorce and we have specifically designed our gifts just for this "special" occasion.

You can build your own personalized box for your bestie starting at $5.50 and even add a heartwarming handwritten card!  Just click here, or click the "Build Your Box" on the menu bar to get started.

Friday night breakup gift
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We also have a Digital Guide on How To Throw a Breakup Party!

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PPPS Did I mention that you are a kick @$s friend? 


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