How to Get Over a Breakup: 10 Do's & Don'ts

[Updated 1/18/22]

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OK no magic words here... but let me share with you some tips that helped me get through a breakup in hopes it can help you as well!

By the way, sorry you are going through a tough time. Breakups SUCK.  But trust me, with time you will move on and things will brighten up =)

1.  Cry.  Seems simple enough, but make sure you are feeling your feelings.  While I'm here, let me also give the advice to not drink alcohol > this totally saved me from not sending (anymore) crazy drunk texts, and also avoided me from having a total meltdown.

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2. Journal
a.) I would journal at least 3 things a day that I was grateful for.  Some days they would be as simple as:  Coffee, Sunshine, Running Water. 

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b.) Not only did I journal what I was grateful for, I also had a notebook where I would literally write to myself saying things like, "you will get through this", "do not call him", etc.  {I was a total wreck!}

c.) I also purchased a "quote" book.  Essentially, a small cute notebook that I used for inspirational breakup quotes and healing quotes.  I would search on Pinterest or Google for breakup inspirational quotes, and start to compile them in this notebook. I would reread them every night before bed.  I still have it to this day! (>8 years later!)

3. Get outside.  So, I am already a homebody - I love being at home so tie that in with going through a breakup and I am pretty much never going to leave the house.  This is not healthy, physically or mentally. 

Make sure to get outside and feel the air at least for a few minutes each day. 

Whether that's just sitting on your porch or taking a 5 minute walk - I promise it'll make you feel better! 

P/S if you want to be left alone, and perhaps for no one to see your puffy eyes, wear sunglasses or a hat - just get outside!

4. Repeat movies.  For me, I found comfort in watching the same movie over and over again.  Maybe because of the familiarly and predictability, but it kept me occupied each day. 

I knew what I was going to do that afternoon or evening, and I knew what I was going to watch. 

And it was Bridesmaids. 

Over and over again.  Check out our blog on our Top 10 Favorite Movies to Watch During a Breakup


5. Express yourself in a healthy way.  I find comfort in art when I am feeling down.  I am in no way an artist, but I enjoy drawing, painting or coloring. 

And hey, there are some cool adult coloring books!  It's a great way to try to keep your mind off of things. 

Find something that allows you to do the same - maybe it's reading, baking or running, you get the idea.

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6.  Start something new.  Whether it's a book club, a meetup, a class, or a hobby - starting something new and fresh will certainly keep your mind occupied and excited. 

It doesn't have to be anything "social", you can try a new recipe or learn a new skill on the computer.

7.  Long showers or baths.  Showers are pretty much one of my favorite moments of each day. 

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It's a time to decompress, relax, and be in the moment.  I also enjoyed showers as places to cry and think.

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8.  Surround yourself with people who care.  Have a friend or family member keep you company.  They will be there to listen, and it'll be comforting to have someone there even if it's just for that.

OR, have them be the ones to make the popcorn for the 8th time in a row that Bridesmaids is on. 

Just remember, there are people who care about you and love you.

9.  No hopping into another relationship.  I know this works for some and that's great.  But, broadly speaking, it won't be something that I'd recommend.  It's ideal to go through your emotions on your own, and not rush into another relationship in hopes to comfort you, or to fill the voids you are feeling. 

I have found that the relationships I hopped person to person, were the ones I had unresolved feelings for later on. 

Let yourself feel and let yourself grieve before involving another person.

10.  Stop rewinding moments, and thinking what if's.  This is easier said than done, eh? 

It'll take a while, but continue to remind yourself that better days are ahead.

Things happen for a reason. 

You cannot go back in time and change that one thing, or the thing you should've said, or shouldn't have said. 
Thinking like that, will drive you mad. 

Think forward & try to train your mind to do just that.

Be patient & kind with yourself.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think of this post by commenting below.

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  • Love your top 10 list! Wish I had one of these boxes for my last breakup!

    Emily Stenson
  • all I can say is outstanding advice!


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