The Top 4 Breakup And Divorce Gifts & Care Packages For Women

If you're wondering how you can show your support to your bestie after a breakup or divorce, you're in the right spot!

Breakup and Divorce Gift Boxes For Her

While there is no secret gift or item that will heal her heart, it's normal to want to provide some sort of thoughtful gesture to help her cope.   We have hand selected each item in our shop to show her how loved she really is, and EVERY item is relative to self love and self care.

So, let's take a look at our top 4 breakup and divorce care packages:

1.  The Breakup Essentials

Curated Breakup Essentials Care Package For Her

Exactly what it says: Breakup Essentials; Including the most needed items we found right after a heartbreak.  I love this breakup gift box because each item is actually useful so you won't be wasting your money on silly items she'll never even use.

The first item is our Under Eye Potion:  This roll on treatment is made with all organic materials, and is made to treat puffy eyes.

Organic Under Eye Potion

Next we have organic California Sage:  Sage is a powerful Native American ritual made to clear negative energy... burn sage in the most occupied places of the house (hint hint I start with the bedroom)!

California Sage

Then we include an organic handkerchief!  While tissues are great and convenient, they can hurt your nose and create quite the pile next to the bed.  This hanky not only comes in a cute design, its reusable and soft on the skin!

Organic Handkerchief

The Breakup Essential Gift Box is $34.99.  Click Here to View

2.  Friday Night Post Breakup

Hold on tight for this one!!

Curated Friday Night Post Breakup Care Package

Is your bestie having a hard time on the weekends after the work week is done distracting her?  Coming in hot is our Friday Night Post Breakup gift box!

Our best selling item - an eggplant vibrator obviously has to make an appearance in one of our top 4 breakup gift boxes!  10 vibration settings, waterproof, super cute, and easy to travel with!

Eggplant Vibrator

Next we include a vegan and organic chocolate bar... because usually chocolate is the first thing on our mind when we hear "breakup" or "divorce".

Vegan Chocolate Bar

After indulging in some self joy, we encourage a relaxing bubble bath.  With that being said, we include an organic pink bloom facial mask to conclude the evening!

Organic Face Mask

The Friday Night Post Breakup Gift box is $55.98. Click Here To View

3.  The Breakup Diaries

Curated Breakup Gift Box For Her

If it's been a couple weeks since your friend has had their breakup, they may really appreciate our Breakup Diaries gift box!  This care package is perfect for those who are still healing and looking for activities to inspire inner peace and happiness through writing.

One of the most unique items we have in the shop is our Gratitude Journal Rings.  You write what you are grateful for on a cute note complete with a binder ring; easy to collect and then reflect!

Gratitude Journal Rings

Then we include our organic California Sage to remove all the negative energy.

California Sage

This package wouldn't be complete without a beautiful and easy to follow gratitude day journal made with 100% recyclable paper.  This is my favorite journal - it includes space for what you are grateful for,  dream notes, and reflections.

Gratitude Journal

The Breakup Diaries Gift Box is $62.9.  Click here to view


4.  Sunday Self Care

Sunday Self Care Curated Breakup Care Package

Healing and moving on requires some much needed self care.  So treat your bestie to a Sunday she won't forget!

One of my favorite items, and coming in a close 2nd for most unique items in our shop -  is a 2 in 1 item:  Candle then wildflowers.  Yes, that is correct.  First it's a deliciously smelling candle; after it's finished, you plant the label and ta-da, wildflowers!

Candle Then Wildflowers

We include 1 Organic Eucalyptus Bath Bomb and 1 Organic Eucalyptus Shower Steamer incase you can't decide which to take: bath or shower!

Organic bath bomb

Tie up your hair with our recycled material leopard bow scrunchie.

Leopard Bow Scrunchie

Sunday self care would be same without our Organic Pink Bloom Face Mask!

Organic Face Mask

Light the candle, load up the bubble bath, drop in the bath bomb, put on the facial mask and enjoy a lovely evening with you, yourself and I.

Sunday Self Gift Box is $63.99.  Click Here to View

Each one of our gift boxes include the option to write a handwritten note :)

Even more, we include an inspirational scratch off card for FREE with every order. 

Inspirational scratch off card

Are you looking to customize these breakup and divorce care packages even more?  No problem!  We offer the convenient option to Build Your Own Breakup Box!   Items start as low as $5.50.  Click Here to Build Your Own


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