Why Being Single For The Holidays Is Awesome

[Updated 1/18/22]

Not what you were expecting to hear, huh?   Well then I'm here to surprise you and hopefully make you giggle!

So, instead of being envious of your friends that are in a relationship, consider taking a step back and thinking about all the great things that are in your life.

While you may be feeling down about not having a date to your upcoming holiday party or family gathering, there are plenty of blessings in disguise.  Read on to find out about the best things about being single for the holidays:

1.  More food for yourself!  Yep eat as much as you want and wear those expandable PJ pants.

2.  More presents for yourself! (No gift for your partner, no gift for their family = money saved to buy yourself something)

3.  You can makeout with a complete stranger at that holiday party or random bar.

4.  You don't have to meet anyone's parents, siblings, cousins, etc.  This also means no awkward conversations with their family!

5. You can make crappy food!  All those recipes you want to try, go for it.  There's no one you need to impress this year.

6.  More time and energy to focus on yourself.  You don't have to worry, or even THINK about anyone else but yourself.  Use this free time to set goals for the new year.

7. Drink as much as you want without being judged!  Take that extra swig of eggnog.

8.  Decorate your apartment however you want!  Or don't.  Leave your bed unmade, dirty laundry on the floor...oh well.

9.  You can watch the movie "Home Alone" while you're home alone!  How cute does that sound?

10.  No sharing blankets.  YEAH!  It's freaking cold out there.  Time to snuggle up with yourself. 

Still jealous of people in a relationship? Well, most days they won't even manage to have sex because it's so darn cold!

Happy Holidays!



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